Rice Noodle Rolls in Chinatown, NYC

Rice Noodle Rolls

Rice noodle rolls hit the spot!… Alev here, with diostardumplings.com, bearing some delectable news from New York City. The food scene is abuzz with funky restaurants and kiosks; you simply cannot walk a few blocks without tripping over something tasty.


Looking to grab delicious lunch on a budget? Swing by Chinatown because you are in for a real treat, no matter the place. Want some dim sum? Check out Sun Hing Lung Co, and grab yourself some amazing chee cheong fun or steamed rice rolls. If you want a snack with a symphony of flavors, then definitely go with rice noodle rolls.

rice noodle roll

A True Snack Gem

Chee cheong fun is a wildly popular Cantonese dish hailing from southern China (most famously from Hong Kong). Served either as a snack or part of a meal, along with other varieties of dim sum. The thin roll uses a wide strip of sheets glutinous rice, which is filled with a variety of ingredients, including pork, chicken, and shrimp. The rice noodle roll, said to resemble the shape of a pig intestine (tripe, anyone?), comes with soy sauce, which often bears the flavor of  siu mei drippings. (Siu mei is an umbrella term for meats grilled on a spit over an open flame; the technique is characteristic of barbecue in Hong Kong and Macau).

rice noodle roll

rice noodle roll

Here is the full menu. All rice noodle rolls range from $1.50 to $2.00. You can have a full breakfast or lunch for under $10.00 depending on how hungry you are. Grab yourself a nice cold soy milk beverage while you’re at it.

rice noodle roll menu

The master chefs graciously allowed us to go behind the scenes and see them at work. All the ingredients were impeccably fresh, and the staff made our team feel more like friends, who drop by for a meal and chit-chat. Speaking of which, we had a blast conversing in Cantonese!

Check out the full video below

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