Lacroix: Best Sunday Brunch Ever

Lacroix: Best Sunday Brunch Ever

The Rittenhouse Hotel Philadelphia

Brunch It Up!

Happy 2016!  The best way to start the new year right is with a sunny Sunday brunch. It is the perfect just-because occasion to get together and catch up with family and friends. If you have got something to celebrate, the fun really kicks in. Birthday party, graduation party– you name it. Brunch at Lacroix Restaurant in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square is the place to plan a scrumptious feast of delectable, hand-crafted morsels that will be the envy of French royalty. The best Sunday brunch we have ever eaten is definitely at Lacroix.

Sunday Brunch Lacroix

In the heart of center city area of Philadelphia, Rittenhouse which is accessible by septa blue line. The Restaurant is actually tucked inside of The Rittenhouse hotel on 19th and Walnut, Philadelphia, PA.

The Rittenhouse Hotel

Fine Dining Without the Frou Frou

Lacroix already boasts a long-standing reputation as having the finest French cuisine in the center city, and we at Diostar Dumplings sure are glad to have walked through its shiny doors. The staff is above-and-beyond in their graciousness. The decor has the unique balance of an opulent, chic hotel-restaurant, where everyone feels welcome.

Meet the Chef… Kind of

As for the food…We are still reeling from the flavors at the Sunday brunch and thus a bit too delightfully distracted to put into words how tasty it was.  The luxurious, buffet-style brunch was brimming with the finest hors-d’oeuvres, both the savory and the sweet. We were for an even bigger treat, getting an opportunity to snag a few behind-the-scenes photos.

Best Brunch in Philadelphia

The spread of delectable dishes was so big that it led us into the kitchen, where we caught a glimpse of the masters at work. Sunday brunch and a show? Don’t mind if we do!

Sunday Brunch at Lacroix from 11am - 4pm

The chef scrambles a bowlful of eggs for a fluffy, rich omelet. When at Lacroix, you simply cannot go without the Sunday brunch staple. The dish is delicious, decadent, and healthful all in one

Sunday Brunch

The extensive menu featured all of Lacroix’s signature dishes, including savory canapés, sandwiches, patés, salads, and other dishes with some of the most unbelievable, unique combinations of textures and flavors we have tried.

Brunch at Lacroix Philly

The French complementary style Sunday brunch goes beyond the classic bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Sure, the restaurant has those, too– only dressed up in luxurious flavors.

Brunch in Philly 2020

The paletteat the Lacriox Sunday brunch  was thoroughly permeated with the holidays, as each dish carried the irresistibly sweet-spicy duo of tastes that is the pumpkin.

Sunday Brunch at Lacroix, Philly

From hors-d’oeuvres to desserts, the cuisine at Lacroix left us hungry for another day at this delightful piece of France in Philly. We are talking about a Sunday brunch to rival all others.

Best Sunday Brunch in Philly

Be sure to save room for a delightful walk through an orangery of flans, puddings, brownies, and cakes.

Best Brunch in Philadelphia, Lacroix

No matter how big of a spread a Sunday brunch may offer, there is always room for dessert!

Brunch at Lacroix

Taming That Sweet Tooth

It’s healthy to be decadent! We loved this selection: peach rum baba, creme brulee, chocolate pudding, eclair, a brownie with a  sugar snowman, and– best of all- a flan topped with a sliver of gold! Gloriously guilt-free, especially after 2 shots of grapefruit juice. Make sure you make your last round back to the kitchen to dip your fruit in hot chocolate.

Brunch at Lacroix

Treat Yourself, Philly!

When you are in the mood to splurge, then Lacroix is the place, where you can have all the caviar, diver scallops, and chocolate (among other things) for a mere $75.00 per person. Any day is a good day for Lacroix, even if you choose to order soup and a cocktail.  Bon appetit, and get ready to be lured back for seconds! And thirds! We will see this place again, for sure. 🙂

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