DuBu The Best Authentic Korean Cuisine In Philadelphia

Korean Restaurant Dubu Philly

Today, we are meeting up with Jennifer Wynman from Jenn’s Kitchen for a special lunch meeting at DuBu, an authentic Korean restaurant in Philadelphia that specializes in tofu, hence the name Dubu which stands for tofu in Korean. Opened roughly just two years ago in Elkins Park, a mini Korean Township by the Korean supermarket Hmart. The interior decor consist of a modernize look with wooden table tops and shelving. Quite cozy and cute.

A wall of artwork displaying the process of how Soft DuBu is made and a television monitor showing the taste of Korea. Super cool!

There is also a playroom where you can drop off you kids while you stuff your face with Korean food. 🙂

Korean Side Dishes (BanChan반찬)

It’s time to eat. Here we go: The meal before the main meal! It’s all about the sides dishes. If you ever been to a Korean restaurant,  multiple sides dishes comes before the main dishes. (From left to right:  Yellow Croaker Fish, Cold tofu, salad,  cucumber tempura, Marinated Scallion tips,  house made kimchee, pickled diakon, and Seafood Pancake.)

Korean Side Dishes

Tiny little fried yellow croakers are so cute that you wouldn’t want to eat, but they sure tasty. Crispy and yummy.

Dubu Korean Side Dishes

The Kimchee at DuBu is to die for. Sweet spicy flavors with oysters made in house and they are super addictive! You can’t find this type of kimchee at Hmart.

Dubu Kimchee

The main dishes:

게장 Gejang (spicy raw crab) , 돼지고기 순두부 Pork Soondubu (pork and tofu soup),  갈비짐 Galbijjim (Sweet braised short rib stew).  This spread tho!

Korean Main Dishes

The Pork Soondubu soup is amazingly delicious! The tofu is super firm and silky smooth accompany by tender small chunks of pork with hot smoothing tasty broth. Perfect dish for Philadelphia’s crazy weather.  Soondubu is one of  favorite Korean dishes especially the beef, kimchee, and tofu. I had tried many Korean tofu soups, throughout various cities, but in my opinion Soondubu at DuBu is probably the best I have ever tried! On point!

DuBu Tofu Soup

The spicy raw crab is like kungpao because it packs a punch to your tastebuds, sweet and fiery. The fresh raw crab is marinated with sesame oil, sugar, scallions, minced garlic, ginger, and fresh red chili pepper. At first bite you taste the sweetness then two minutes later comes the heat. It is spicy but yet so good.

DuBu Spicy Raw Crab

The braised beef short ribs  is cooked in a clay pot slowly with soy, garlic, sesame oil, sugar and other ingredients along with vegetables of carrots, jujube, chestnuts, scallions and Japchae noodles (잡채). A nice balance of spicy dishes, the braised short ribs is smothered with thick sweet broth cooking the beef super moist and tender falling off the bone. The water chestnut tasted more like a garlic clove or potato. The  Japchae or ceelopnae noodles are a great addition to the dish. Noodles + Beef = Yumminess!

Dubu Braised Short Rib

After 20 minutes of chatting, drinking Asahi beer, and stuffing our faces, we could not finish any more of  the vast amount of Korean food. Diet begins tomorrow…It’s a wrap! A couple of containers to go please.

DuBu Takeout

Watch the video here:


DuBu is one of Jenn’s favorite Korean restaurant in Philadelphia as well as ours. Foodies are raving how fantastic the food is, we at Diostar Dumplings finally get to ‘Du’ it up! If you enjoy Korean food as much as we do, take a trip to DuBu in Elkins Park, Philly. Check out their lunch specials from Monday-Friday at 10:30am – 3:00pm. Go for the dubu soup combos it’s absolute amazing experience. Their prices are very affordable, but more importantly it is delicious and authentic.

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