DanDan Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles

I love me some noodles, especially spicy ones. I’ve been hearing about DanDan in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, for sometime now, but I haven’t had the chance to go there until recently, because it’s usually packed during the weekends. Alev and I came here on at Saturday afternoon to have an early lunch/dinner, after exploring the city.

The bar is downstairs, while dinning area upstairs with a cute decor and atmosphere.


We ordered a plate of spicy DanDan noodles that were spicelicious good! The texture of the noodles was super smooth and al dente, and nutty. The dish was accompanied by a hot, spicy chili oil, a hint of peanut sauce, minced pork, and some scallions. Price: $7.95.


We had DanDan Noodles at another Sichuan restaurant before, but they didn’t taste authentic and had way too much oil. I had to try out the Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice as well! I’m going for carb overload, guys….hahaha.


The rice was a bit dry for me…I think it was Jasmine, but the star of this bowl was the minced pork: sweet braised pork belly, chopped into small pieces. The meat was so tender that it melts in your mouth with gooey sweetness of the braised sauce. Only $1.95!


Last but not least, we ordered a dish of soft-shell shrimp cooked with garlic, fried soybeans and shallots. The shrimp, garnished with scallions, is fried to a crisp so perfect that you can eat with the shell intact. The crunchiness of the fried soybeans and shallots gives it an extra punch. Price: $20.95.



If you love authentic spicy noodles, as I do, check out DanDan at 126 S. 16th St. Be sure to call for reservations ahead of time, or come in before peak hours, as the restaurant gets packed really quickly. This place offers not only Schezuan style also Taiwanese. I had my share of dandan noodles, but this place seemed more authentic for me. For $7.95, they give your a large portion noodles for two people. Now you can’t beat that with a bat!

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