Choupi Crepes

Update: Choupi Crepes and Waffles is permanently closed, as of  February 2016.

Today we are in Arlington, Virginia. We are staying at the Hyatt Hotel. Although rainy and cold, the morning was perfect for exploring the town and getting some breakfast. Within walking distance of the hotel, in the neighborhood of Rosslyn, we came across this little cute crepes food cart, located at 1900 North Lynn StThe delightful hidden gem is an intensely delicious, savory French waffle.

crepes choupi 1

French-Style Foodie Heaven on Wheels

Founded in 2009, Choupi is a treasure trove of handmade crepes to satisfy your savory and sweet taste buds alike. The quality of hand-crafted crepes prepared by a two-man culinary powerhouse at Choupi.

At Choupi, the mission of its French-based founders is to produce bistro-quality crepes at a reasonable price. One is a Parisian-trained pastry chef; he holds ten years of experience in acclaimed restaurants throughout Paris and DC. The other is an engineer-turned gastro-enthusiast and chef; she is a fervent advocate for gourmet enterprises, notably food trucks and carts like Choupi.

crepes choupi 2

Breakfast for Lunch or Dinner? Why Not?

Choupi covers all bases from breakfast to lunch and dessert, You can have a lot of fun with the ingredients, creating the perfect crepe right then and there. From the classic ham, egg, and cheese to the veggie cheese delight, the flavor combos are limitless. The same goes for the sweet, where you can have your pick of fruit, nuts, honey, and of course the sweetness of Nutella.

For extra fun, why not pick both sides? Whether you are sharing with friends or enjoying several crepes by yourself, the flavor spectrum is to die for. We definitely had a fair share of foodgasms, while devouring the crepe creations.

crepes choupi 3

So many tasty options made it extremely difficult to decide on what to order, but at last, we settled on a classic ham, egg, and four-cheese combo for one and on a spinach, tomato, and mozzarella for the other.

crepes choupi 4

Move Over, Cronut: It’s All About the Crepe-sants!

The ham-egg-and cheese crepe resonated with an intense ensemble of classic French flavors. The soft, light crepe batter wafted with a deep, faintly sweet aroma of a croissant; the taste was the sublime result of ending the age-old dilemma to having to choose your breakfast: Crepe or croissant? Both, of course!


Han, Egg, and Cheese: The French Breakfast Trio

Nestled between the folds of the savory crepe goodness are the quartet of cheese flavors, the sensationally salty ham, and the fluffy fried egg sprinkled with a cocktail of fragrant spices.


A Mediterranean Mouthful: Mozzarella, Tomato, and Spinach

Now, for the second helping: A lighter-than-air crepe batter gave off a faintly sweet aroma and taste of vanilla with egg. Curled up inside the decadent blanket are layers of mozzarella, tomato, and spinach; each ingredient was thick enough to stand out as an individual flavor and thin enough so that one does not overpower the other. Between the layers was a fragrant, faintly spicy tomato and basil sauce reminiscent of a Margherita pizza.


Of course a breakfast is not complete without tea or coffee. Conveniently, there is a great coffee shop right across from Choupi.  Caffe Aficionado located at 1919 North Lynn St. Rosslyn, VA 22209. Accessible to transit Rosslyn Metro (Blue, Orange) line.


Brewing Some Magic

The staff was absolutely nice and friendly. They didn’t mind us snagging a few photos, while inside. We managed to catch one of the master coffee brewers at work.


We ordered two lattes with some creative and interesting designs. They complemented the crepes perfectly.


Latte Art: Too Cute to Drink

Left side: Italian mint mocha with a teddy bear design. Right side: A vanilla bean latte with heart leaves design. Both were very delicious, fragrant, and not too sweet. (Price: $12.03)


Places we visited in Arlington.


Overall, Arlington is a great place to visit. The people are super friendly and nice. They did not mind us blogging at their venues. The food is fantastic and inexpensive. If you are a wine or beer lover, make sure to shop at Safeway supermarket. Their selections are amazing, with prices ridiculously low. We definitely will revisit Arlington in the near future. You should, too! Happy travels! 🙂

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