Bistrot La Minette: Get Pampered, Parisian-Style

bistrot la minette

So you want to celebrate in style. You are feeling pumped about celebrating something special: your birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or… Friday! Alev here, at, bringing some tidbits on where to find amazing French food on a budget. If you are looking to get beaucoup decadence but are not in the mood to spend beaucoup bucks then try Bistrot La Minette! This past summer, Jacke and I visited Bistrot La Minette during restaurant week in Philadelphia. Tucked away on South 6th Street in Philadelphia, PA, this gem of a joint is a quaint restaurant that serves up exquisite, authentic French fare on its plates and stunning paintings on its walls.


Back to the food, though: Bistrot La Minette is the brainchild of Peter Woolsley, who was inspired and tempted by his French-born in-laws’ regional recipes.  Whether you come here during regular hours or on Restaurant Week, there is always a surprise. Swing by Bistrot La Minette on Bastille Day to get yourself a three-course fare of amazing Vichyssoise (chilled leek and potato soup), braised leg of lamb, and divine chocolate cake. I could not resist returning for seconds, after visiting Bistrot in 2012.

We started out with 2 glasses of Bordeaux Rouge wine along with some freshly baked bread with butter.


Our appetizers were de-shelled escargot in a rich olive oil and garlic sauce.

Bistrot La Minette: Escargot

Followed by an irresistible beef tartare (made with grass-fed beef), accompanied by watercress and mini cornichons .

Bistrot La Minette: Beef-tartare

Our main course consisted  of  a braised leg of rabbit with egg pasta. The rabbit leg did not taste gamey at all and the sauce complimented the texture of the meat.

Bistrot La Minette: Braised leg of rabbit

A roasted duck leg (Confit de Canard), legume ragout, wilted arugula, lemon thyme jus. The duck was cooked nicely with delicious and salty flavors.

Bistrot La Minette: Duck Confit

But wait… Save room for dessert! We are diving right in, with Mille Feuille aux Framboises, a three-tier trifle of luscious, macerated raspberries and custard between stacks of thin, pleasantly charred wafers. And don’t forget the bubbly! A delightful glass of signature Bistrot brut tops the meal off with a bang.

Bistrot La Minette: Mille Feuille aux Framboises

If the word in print are making you salivate, we bet hat the pictures will do twice the job. Why wait? Snag a spot for yourself and your loved one, maybe have some friends tag along…The team sure s glad to have been on the scene.  Spoil your senses without having to purchase a plane ticket. Trust us: Your taste buds will be on cloud nine, and your wallet will be smiling, as well.  

If you are in Philadelphia and are craving a fine French meal, make sure your check out Bistrot La Minette on restaurant week, where you can get a exquisite three-course meal for $35 a person. What are your favorite French dishes? Leave a comment below and please share with us. Thanks for reading! Bons Restos!

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