Things To Do In Georgetown, Washington DC

It’s always delightful to take a trip down to Washington, DC…DC…DC, especially on the Chinatown bus from Philly¬†(BTW…I’m being sarcastic here.) ūüôā ¬†But for a¬†$30¬†round trip ticket, you can’t beat that with a bat. I guess you pay for what you get. Nevertheless, we arrived in Washington, DC fairly quickly, within 2.5 hours from Philly.

Dan Dan Noodles

DanDan Noodles

I love me some noodles, especially spicy ones. I’ve been hearing about DanDan in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, for sometime now, but I¬†haven’t had the chance to go there until recently, because it’s usually packed during the weekends. Alev and I came here on at Saturday afternoon to have an early lunch/dinner, after exploring the city. The

Food Blog

Easy Guide for Creating a Food Blog

The Birth of Our Blog Alev and I created Diostar Dumplings with the intention to offer some of mine¬†and my mother’s authentic dumpling recipes.¬† We wanted to share our food and travel adventures as well with fellow foodies, home cooks, trekkers, and tea lovers. Starting a food blog can be overwhelming¬† if you haven’t done