Diostar Shrimp

Easy Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Hey, Diostar Dumplings fans! Today, I am going to share with you my Chinese Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli recipe, which I learned from my dad. (He would prepare this dish just for us, every time we came over for dinner.) The Shrimp and Broccoli I make is a Cantonese dish but is far from the

Boston North End

Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts

Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts Do a Boston Vacation Like a Boss! It’s a three-day weekend, and you want to pack in plenty of adventure without breaking the bank. How about Boston, baby? This is the third time for the Diostar Dumplings team, and we still can’t get over how awesome the city is!


Chicken Marsala Recipe

Back by popular demand, we are here in Jenn’s Kitchen for another delicious recipe. Today, Jenn shares her version of the Chicken Marsala. Chicken Marsala is a popular dish throughout Italy, Marsala being a fortified Sicilian wine and a crucial ingredient to the dish.  Jenn’s Chicken Marsala recipe was inspired by her frequent trips around Italy,

bangkok grand palace thailand

Bangkok, Thailand: Tips & Travel Guide

Bangkok, Thailand: Tips & Travel Guide Bangkok Irresistible “The City of Angels”, capital of ‘The Land of Smiles”; renowned for its bustling nightlife, scrumptious street food, tourist traps, and scammers. Coming to Bangkok, we didn’t know what to expect. We wanted to taste real Thai dishes, learn the culture and language, and do the occasional tourist

kimchee soba noodles recipe

Kimchee Soba Noodles Recipe

New friends, new tastes, and new recipes are just around the corner! On January 21st, Diostardumplings teamed up with Jennifer Wynman at Jenn’s Kitchen to shoot our first recipe video. Jenn’s Kitchen revolves around homestyle cooking, mixing Korean food and Italian flavors. Sipping on smooth, family sweet soju, we got to work as Jenn’s lovely assistants. So